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This sucker is fast. Why is it that the Germans make such great cars? Great comfort. Precise handling. Awesome braking capacity. V10 Engine is as solid as a Heinkel He 111. Exhaust note is sweet.

  • 16 premium speakers
  • 19' WHEEL PACKAGE-inc:
  • 4-wheel ABS Brakes
  • Electronic stability
  • Lane departure
  • Primary monitor touchscreen
Layout / number of cylinders 6
Displacement 3.4 l
Engine Layout Mid-engine
Horespower 315 hp
@ rpm 6,700 rpm
Torque 266 lb.-ft.
Compression ratio 12.5 : 1
Top Track Speed 173 mph
0 – 60 mph 4.8 s
Manual Gearbox 6-speed with dual-mass flywheel and self-adjusting clutch
Fuel consumption
City (estimate) 20
Highway (estimate) 28
Length 172.2 in.
Width 70.9 in.
Height 50.4 in.
Wheelbase 97.4 in.
Maximum payload 739 lbs
Curb weight 2910 lbs
Luggage compartment volume 5.3 cu. ft. (front) / 4.6 cu. ft. (rear)
Fuel Tank Capacity 16.9 gal.

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2010 BMW M6

  • 2010
  • BMW
  • M6

The BMW M6 is a high-performance version of the 6 Series coupe/convertible, designed by the motorsport division of BMW.


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  • Year 2010
  • Make BMW
  • Model M6
  • Body Style Hatchback
  • Condition Used
  • Mileage 30000
  • Transmission Automanual
  • Drivetrain RWD
  • Engine 10-cylinder
  • Fuel Type Gasoline
  • Fuel Economy 28
  • Trim 3.0T Premium
  • Exterior Color White
  • Interior Color Silver
  • Stock Number J83564
  • VIN Number WBSEK9C5804063ACY
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