How to generate automobile leads for car dealers business

How to generate automobile leads for car dealers business

Well with the change in time now car dealers are trying to shift from unreliable 3rd party data or a random call because it leads them nowhere.

The shift in this digital age is going to be like a compulsion for all the car dealership business to move toward digital marketing.


How Lead Generation for car Dealers work.


what is required and how to use digital marketing to grow leads for your business, well I am here to help you with it, I am going to divide this article into 2 parts.


  •  Build the system to collect automobile leads
  •  Utilize the system to generate lead for Car dealers business.


Let’s start with what is required to build a system, the first thing we need to create a system, which can support our goal in collecting & generating leads.

Responsive Website

A responsive website is a must in this digital age. It was a time when websites were designed keeping the desktop screen in mind, but now a day it’s like creating a website that first needs to match mobile experience and then its scales to the desktop screen.

Why this change?

Because now there has been a huge shift in how users grab information using mobile devices if you wish to rank higher in Google you need to have a responsive website as 90% + prospect are going to search on mobile devices.

Our Car Dealer WordPress Theme is responsive and satisfies all the standards of a responsive website for a car dealership business. 

Faster Loading Speed 

The today internet user is very disturbed he is doing multiple tasks at a time, what if you have to wait for a long time to see a web page, You will immediately leave the page this lead to higher bounce rate, maybe your page has to offer the best information or a product to your visitor. So we have considered this and done clean coding to make our website faster.

automobile leads

Keep Your Inventory Handy

assume you own a car dealership Business, I am your customer I ask you about a few models and relevant details to you on a phone, so you start informing me about all the details, do you feel that will I be able to grab all that information in my mind.

I Would Say big No.

think this way I ask you for details and you tell me, sir, I will send you all the details which help you in making deciding on your phone & email you.

we wanted to make your life easy and created a wonderful feature called vehicle brochure generators, it allows you to upload existing brochure or generate a new brochure for your car inventory, even it has options to customize the report as per your need.

with this feature, you are ready with all car inventory details and can immediately send details to your client after the call is done. Even details can be easily downloaded by a website visitor in a PDF format.

Do you think this will create a completely different impression of yours?

Today buyers make 80% research work done before they step to your car dealership location.

you don’t have to do too much, all you need to do is keep your web page updated with inventory information check out this video to know how this feature works.

Use Referral Marketing

Would you love to have 1000 salesperson team for your company, and you don’t have to pay a fixed salary. I think you will love that.

So referral marketing is the solution for this creation. We considered this option and create a function called Promo Code; this can be used in 2 ways

(A) you want to offer a discount to your old or new customer you offer him the code, and when he or she shows up at the store you give that discount.

(B) Let’s say I am a person who is looking for new opportunity to earn you tell me, I pay you for the number people you refer me, now pay can be on the prospect I sent you or on the sales. That up to you

But the question is how you would track that, it’s very simple to generate a unique Promo Code for me.

When people turn up to your store with that code you will be able to identify who sent the prospect to you, in return you can offer some discount or a freebie to the prospect so he feels that he is benefited with promo code.

Understand the power of referral marketing.

  • You don’t have to pay for fix salary
  • You don’t have to acquire extra resources for your team.
  • You pay when they deliver.
  • You can increase the strength of your sales easily
  • Even your happy customer can become your sales team.

To see how this feature functions have a look at the video

Convert your Website to Lead Generation Machine.

A website that can help you generate Leads on automation, sound’s good, a website is as good as your physical store with the sales team to offer them all the details customer want regarding our car inventory.

Now let understand what kind of information a customer looks for when he steps into your store.

  • Know more about car
  • Want to have Test Drive
  • He wants to Make an Offer
  • Or he lends up with a friend
  • Want to check finance options
  • He wants to contact you

These are the major information a customer wants to seek from our physical store. So we come up with 6 lead collection forms which will help your sales team to close them and schedule appointment and which lead to sales.

We have covered all this aspect and have designed 6 PHP forms to make most out of.

  • Contact form
  • Request More Info
  • Schedule Test Drive
  • Make an Offer
  • Email to a Friend
  • Financial Inquiry
lead generation for car dealers

Share your Content on Social Sites

Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin can be a great source of traffic for your website but it needs to be handled carefully what needs to be shared on social media platform?

I would suggest share content which is more valuable and helpful, share your new car into your inventory, fact check or product comparison content which will update knowledge, share your blog articles.

What I mean to say is don’t keep sharing those content you like but share things which people would be interested in, we included social share features which will make your life easy to directly share content to social media platforms.

car sales leads

Re-Engagee your Existing Customer with Blogs & Emails 

what is re-engagement if we consider this in a traditional system, it’s like calling your existing customer or people who showed interested and made inquiry at your store.

what new in this, you are also doing now the same thing.

is it on automation? Can your existing system automatically target your customer, or target a potential buyer who showed interest in your car.

Not really?

you can create a list of your customer and start with email marketing, SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing. Share valuable content which might be interesting.

such as new up gradation in a car which they purchased, Free Service car checkup Camps, or sharing them do’s and don’ts on maintaining their car and many more ideas.

it will keep your brand flashing in your customer mind and when they have a real need they will consider you first, will even discuss how you can completely get this automated using marketing platform such as Facebook & Google.

Use Facebook & Google Ads

As we see we have the system in place, what we need to do is bring in traffic to our website, which helps you reach more people in half of the marketing cost compared to the traditional marketing channel.

The Facebook platform can target your audience on their interest, demographics, location, and many other aspects, With Google you can target those who are searching e.g. “New Ford Model” you show your ad or with specific car model name and its version.

Once the user clicks on the ads you land visitor to the relevant page where the user query is resolved and we collect lead.

Card dealer WordPress theme is designed in such a way that you can connect with marketing platforms such as Facebook easily to retarget people who visited your page or a piece of content on automation and keep generating relevant Leads for your business. I would need a separate article to discuss this in detail.

Upload and share Physical Car Video

Video has far more reach than a simple image, shoot good quality video of your inventory and share on YouTube or social media platform and get referral traffic from this site and generate leads for your business. But make sure you funnel this properly designed to collect more lead.

Provide Value to your customers

You must understand. What we are doing is to generate lead and build good relation with an existing customer or acquire a new customer, the question is why they would select you over others. The answer is the value you share with them and they trust you built with them.

Learn how you can start car dealers business online you can check out the in-depth article.

keep share as much as relevant and valuable content to your customer

So if you put little efforts in moving your business online, and using the right tools and marketing channels you can generate more lead.

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